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FOOTWORKS solves safety and hygiene problems

while lowering utility costs.

FOOTWORKS Faucet controllers can be installed on all sinks in shops in factories to serve as a barrier to contamination at a critical control point, the sink.

Whether the concern is the OSHA blood borne pathogen standard, heavy metals from metal working, lead, chemicals, or simply grease and grime from working, the installation of FOOTWORKS is a positive step in protecting employee health and safety.

Sink areas and faucets remain clean and grime-free.

When employees wash up for lunch, all the contamination goes safely down the drain instead of onto the faucet knobs. (the first thing touched after hand washing with conventional faucets)

Utility savings pays for the improvement and lowers operating costs. No more faucets left running or dripping, and the following hand wash procedure reduces water usage by 75%.

A. Step on the pedal to wet hands.

B. Step off the pedal while lathering with soap.

C. Step on the pedal again to rinse.

FOOTWORKS can be quickly installed to existing sinks, usually in less than an hour.