Hands-Free ,Pedal Operated, Faucet Control Valves

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On /Off with the pedal,
Latch On for continuous flow.
Precise control and simple, versatile operation is provided.
Easily added to existing sinks and connects to any faucet.

FOOTWORKS Faucet Controllers

provide 4 excellent benefits in

Laboratory Applications.

1) To Protect Employee Health. Without FOOTWORKS, contamination from employees hands or gloves goes onto the faucet knobs when the water is turned on. All sink users can unknowingly get this same contamination on their hands when they use the sink; exposing themselves and the items they handle to potentially hazardous materials

2) Reduced Glassware Breakage. Hands remain secure on fragile, expensive glassware, never having to set it down just to turn the water on and off.

3) Time Savings. Task completion involving the sink is much quicker because hands don't have to be freed up to turn the water on and off.

8 motions are replaced with by 3 motions.

Follow this comparison: Going to the sink to rinse two beakers:

Conventional Faucet - 1 Walk to sink. 2 Set a beaker down to free up a hand. 3 Turn on water. 4 Pickup beaker and rinse under spout. 5 Put beaker down to free up a hand. 6 Turn off water. 7 Pick up beaker. 8 Walk away.

With FOOTWORKS - 1 Walk to sink and step on the pedal as you arrive. 2 Rinse beakers under spout. 3 Walk away when done (water shuts off automatically).

4) Utility Savings quickly pays for the improvement and lowers operating costs forever. Many times the water runs needlessly because employee's hands are temporarily too busy to turn the water off. The simple hands free operation of FOOTWORKS becomes a tool to save time, and control the water without waste. Typical utility savings is approximately $700 per year per sink.

"We retrofitted hundreds of our lab sinks with FOOTWORKS. Its an excellent product to reduce health and safety problems, lower operating costs, and everyone enjoys the convenience and time savings". F Schambach, University of New Orleans

"For our research labs, QC labs, and production unit labs, we find FOOTWORKS to be a very beneficial addition. The simple retrofit allows us to add them with minimal disruption and cost."
D. Allman, Monsanto