Hands - Free Faucet Controllers

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How It Works

It works somewhat like a single lever faucet, except you use your foot to turn the water on and off.  

In residential kitchen applications, most people keep the faucet set on cold for general use, and tune it to pretty hot for doing dishes.

In commercial applications, the faucet is generally set for the primary task of the sink, and is reset as needed.

It works with any faucet: single lever, double handle, center pull out, etc


Have the faucet open to the desired setting.

Step on and off the pedal to control the water.

For continuous flow, latch the pedal open by pushing the toe button in. To release this latch, push the pedal and the latch automatically disengages.

When latched open, traditional hand control is active.

When faucet is closed, pedal operation is disabled.