Hands-Free ,Pedal Operated, Faucet Control Valves

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Day Care Centers


FOOTWORKS is excellent for

Day Care Facilities

to prevent the spread of fecal contamination

while lowering utility costs.


FOOTWORKS Faucet Controllers are easily installed on new and existing sinks.

Fecal contamination and other germs will be safely washed down the drain instead of contaminating the faucet handles (the first thing touched after hand washing).

Installed as well on bathroom and sinks used by children. Finger paints, and all the mess and germs go safely down the drain.

Water is never left running or dripping and youngsters can wash their own hands. Utility savings pays for the equipment in short order.

No longer will they come away from the sink with wet shirts from having to stretch over the sink to reach the knobs.

Also installed in the kitchen.(See commercial food service page)

FOOTWORKS can be quickly installed to existing sinks, usually in less than an hour.