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Food Service Operators

transform their kitchens to a

whole new level of speed and sanitation

and utility bills drop dramatically.

FOOTWORKS Faucet controllers are installed on all sinks in commercial kitchens to provide benefits that everyone appreciates. Used on hand sinks, prep sinks, line sinks, pot sinks, silver sinks, bakery sinks, and bar sinks. Installations take about an hour.

1) Germs, flour, batter, and any mess can be washed safely down the drain without contaminating the faucet knobs. (the first thing people touch after hand washing with a conventional faucet).

FOOTWORKS is the only technology available to solve this problem on every sink in the kitchen.

2) Utility savings quickly pays for the improvement and lowers operating costs by thousands of dollars per year in most kitchens.

With standard faucets it's understandable that workers hands are, many times, just too busy to keep turning the water on and off. And frequently faucets are left trickling or dripping.

Using FOOTWORKS is so easy and convenient, water is no longer needlessly left running, trickling or dripping.

However, when the sinks need to be filled, the latchable pedal, used on prep sinks and pot sinks, provides continuous unattended flow.

   Annual Utility Savings

 Type of Sink

 Large High Volume Facilities

 Small Low Volume Facilities
 Hand Sink


 Prep Sink


 Pot Sink

 $1500 per faucet

 $250 per faucet
 Bar Sink


Meter studies were conducted in a variety of facilities to develop these savings figures. The savings shows up in lower water, sewage, and gas/electric bills from hot water.

3) The time savings benefit has kitchen personnel wanting one for every sink.

8 motions are replaced with by 3 motions.

Follow this comparison: Going to the sink to rinse a tray:

Conventional Faucet - 1 Walk to sink. 2 Set tray down. 3 Turn on water. 4 Pickup tray and rinse under spout. 5 Put tray down. 6 Turn off water. 7 Pick up tray. 8 Walk away.

With FOOTWORKS - 1 Walk to sink and step on the pedal as you arrive. 2 Rinse tray under spout. 3 Walk away when done (water shuts off automatically).

"We are very pleased with FOOTWORKS. We are adding them to every sink in each of our 49 school cafeteria kitchens" S. Jones, Rapides School System

"Just wanted to commend your company. FOOTWORKS has solved our leaking faucet problems once and for all. Our kitchen staff loves them and can't break them." K Neil, New Orleans Marriott.

"Hygiene is a primary concern to everyone in the food service industry. Anyone looking for a simple quality solution will find it with FOOTWORKS." D. Barnes, Red Lobster

"FOOTWORKS really saves us time and money! " P. Davis, Subway