Hands-Free ,Pedal Operated, Faucet Control Valves

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Beauty Salons


FOOTWORKS is an excellent time saver

for Beauty Salons

while lowering utility costs.


FOOTWORKS Faucet Controllers are easily installed on new and existing hair washing sinks, and everyone loves them.

The standard beauty parlor faucet is set once and each time the pedal is pressed, water flows at the perfect temperature and flow rate. No more pulling and readjusting the control knob each time the water is turned on.

For a constant stream of water, simply engage the toe latch and you have the freedom to move all around the sink. When your ready for the water to be off, step on the pedal again and the water shuts off automatically.

Hands remain free to work, and the pedal delivers water at the perfect temperature each time.

The water wasted, and lost productivity during conventional faucet adjustments quickly pays for an improvement that beauty salon personnel truly love.

FOOTWORKS can be quickly installed to existing sinks, usually in less than an hour.